About Limb Difference

Limb difference is an overarching term used to describe any child or young person born with a congenital limb difference or who acquires limb loss after birth.

Children and young people with a limb difference can lead independent and successful lives and there are many well known people in our community, and around the world, who live with a limb difference.

Persons with a limb difference, whether they are a child or an adult, may choose to use a prosthetic limb. While others may decide not to and use other assistive devices instead.

In Australia it is estimated that close to 2,500 children and young people live with a limb difference.

This section of the Learning Centre provides information about types of limb differences, professionals that work with children and families, prosthetic limbs and limb difference terminology. Links to international organisations that provide support to children with limb difference are also provided in this section.

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