Advocacy & Inclusion

Advocating on behalf of your child and yourself and being aware of your rights are important for ensuring that you are heard, able to make appropriate decisions and access advice.  Feeling confident to self-advocate with healthcare providers, educators, community organisatons and government can help to ensure that the needs of your child and your family are being met.

Your child, just like any other person, has the right to participate fully in their community and have the same choices, opportunities and experiences as others.  Many sporting, recreational and social organisations are now modifying services to ensure that children with limb differences can take part in safe and appropriate activities.

While there are many organisations that offer activities to children with limb difference, some may not have worked with a child with limb difference and will need to make adaptations to suit the needs of your child.  Indeed, some organisations that haven’t worked with a child with limb difference may need your assistance and guidance to ensure that they are meeting the needs of your child and making appropriate adjustments if required.

Travelling with a child with limb difference can sometimes require some adjustments so that your child, you and your family have a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.  You may find that you and your child need specific support and assistance when it comes to accessible car parking, public transport, airplane travel and accommodation.

This section of the Learning Centre explores self-advocacy and ways of exerting it, the rights of all persons with disability, the importance of inclusion and ways of ensuring that your child can engage in community activities, and issues related to transport and accommodation.

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