My name is Ben

I decided to become a Peer Support Volunteer so that I can share my experiences of being born with a congenital difference and thriving through to be the lucky person I am today.

The role allows me to let people know just how good things will be, and to ensure they remain positive and share as much information as I can about the network these people have at their disposal to help them through any tough times.

I feel that by providing peer support I can assist them to know that they have someone that can directly relate to their child’s limb difference and that they have someone they can refer to. If they have questions or just want a chat or a laugh or a visit, this can really make a big difference sometimes to someone’s ongoing treatment and processes.

As a Peer Support Volunteer I enjoy seeing people relieved that a lot more information and people are at their disposal.  Advising parents, relatives or friends that there is a very large network out there that they can refer to and also the endless possibilities that can be achieved is the benefit of peer support!