February 2016 Limbs 4 Kids E-News now live!

E-News September 2015The February 2016 edition of the Limbs 4 Kids E-News is now live!

This edition features information about our upcoming LIMB-itless Conference and the opportunity to apply for funding to attend it, the Össur Mobility Clinic, a request from Children with Disability Australia (CDA) for feedback regarding proposed changes to the Family Tax Benefit Part A and B, and the 2016 AMP-CAMP.

This E-News also features stories about two families of children with limb difference featured in national publications, and a link to an advertisement featuring a young member of the Limbs 4 Kids community. With 2016 now underway there are also links to information about education and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

In this edition we are also asking parents / carers to consider starting a Local Parent Network and/or share personal experiences of talking with others about limb difference in the next edition of our ‘Thrive’ magazine.


Funding to attend the LIMB-itless Conference

LIMBitless Conference 2016 Flyer

Limbs 4 Life has received government funding to assist some amputees and parents/carers of children with limb difference to attend the LIMB-itless conference being held in Melbourne on Saturday 30th April 2016. All applicants must be receiving a government pension and/or holding a Healthcare Card (including if a Healthcare Card is held in the name of a child).

Applications close on the 1st of March 2016 – download the Application Form for more information and to apply.

Funding is limited and available in the following areas:
• 12 x interstate attendees (amputees and parents/carers of children with limb difference) will be funded for airfare, accommodation and conference attendance costs
• 30 x Victorian amputees and parents/carers to attend the conference free of charge
• 15 x Victorian amputees and parents/carers in regional/remote areas to have travel costs (up to $70) subsidised.

For more information about the LIMB-itless Conference download the LIMB-itless flyer, call 1300 782 231 or email info@limbs4life.org.au

To register (without making an application for funding) visit www.trybooking.com/147667

LIMB-itless Conference 2016

LIMBitless Conference 2016 FlyerLimbs 4 Life, in conjunction with Ottobock, is hosting the ‘LIMB-itless’ Amputee Conference in Melbourne on Saturday 30 April 2016.

This conference will include presentations designed to be educative and empowering for attendees.  The presentations, to be delivered by experts in relevant fields, will cover areas such as: the NDIS; developing self-advocacy skills and confidence; prosthetics; physiotherapy; pain management; mobility; and, body image.

Children with Disability Australia will be conducting a presentation on ‘The education rights of children and young people with disability’ and Dr Tatangelo will present on Building positive body image in children with limb differences’.

Videos of all sessions will be made available online for those who can’t attend the conference.

For more information download the LIMB-itless flyer, call 1300 782 231 or email info@limbs4life.org.au

To register visit www.trybooking.com/147667

Season’s greeting and office closure

baubleOn behalf of all the Limbs 4 Life staff and Board members we would like to thank everyone that we have worked with, learned from and who have supported other families as a Peer Support Volunteer during 2015.

We would also like to wish the entire Limbs 4 Life and Limbs 4 Kids community a very happy, relaxing and safe Christmas and New Year.  We look forward to supporting and working with you again in 2016.

The Limbs 4 Kids program office will be closed from the 21st of December 2015 to the 11th of January 2016.


December Limbs 4 Kids E-News goes live!

E-News September 2015The December edition of the Limbs 4 Kids E-News is now live!

This edition features information about planning for education in 2016, preparing for driving licences, Parent Peer Support Volunteer training, information webinar planning, link to a Limbs 4 Kids information and communications survey, NDIS information, sourcing summer playgrounds across Australia, details about the 2016 LIMB-itless conference and, a summary of our program achievements in 2015.

Christmas Parties for Special Children

Christmas Party LogoDuring November and December over 140 Limbs 4 Kids children, siblings and families attended Christmas Parties for Special Children in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. This was the first year of Limbs 4 Life being invited to take part and was a wonderful chance for families to enjoy a fun day out.

We are extremely grateful to the organisers, their sponsors and all the volunteers who made the parties so special, and we look forward to offering the chance to take part again in 2016.  Some great feedback from parents included:

“The children and us had a wonderful time … it was an enjoyable day and grateful we were able to experience it.”

“It was a fabulous day for our son. He kept saying it was the best party ever. He did so many different things and he just loved his present and the soft toy! He said he is a very lucky boy.”

“It was a great function – very lucky for the kids to be invited to this event!!”

“We couldn’t get the kids off the rides, it was a fantastic day.”

Limbs 4 Kids – Information and Communications Survey

Survey 1We invite you take part in a survey exploring Limbs 4 Kids resources, publications and the information you would like to receive in 2016.  We are also keen to find out if you are able to assist us in ensuring the program is informative, supportive and sustainable in the future.  Your feedback will greatly assist us in enhancing the program and planning for 2016.

The survey takes approx. 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed at www.surveymonkey.com/r/Limbs4Kids

We thank you so much for taking part!

2015 Limbs 4 Kids Program Achievements

Hands-up image


This year saw the launch of the national Limbs 4 Kids program; a year where we witnessed significant successes and achievements.

Some key achievements have included:


  • Program launch. Media releases and program information sent to close to 9,500 state and federal Members of Parliament, local councils, peak bodies, medical and allied health professionals, community organisations, educators and media.
  • Limbs 4 Kids website. Launch of the Limbs 4 Kids website which contains 135 pages across the Learning Centre, Stories, Publications, News and Support sections. The website has had outstanding results with 4,438 unique visitors review 15,258 pages since its launch.
  • Fact Sheets. Development of twelve Fact Sheets covering topics such as limb difference, education, funding, hygiene, self-advocacy, and transition to further education and employment.
  • Thrive magazine. Four editions of Thrive magazine have been produced during 2015, containing a variety of articles featuring parents, young people with limb differences, adults born with limb differences, medical and allied healthcare providers, community organisations and information of relevance to the Limbs 4 Kids community.  Readers of Thrive magazine total close to 3,200 individuals and organisations across Australia.
  • Peer Support. Phone calls and visits provided to 61 families of children with limb differences by our Parent Peer Support Volunteers.
  • Enquiries. Just over 310 enquiries requesting information, support and advice have been provided to families, healthcare professionals and community members.
  • Research. Monash University has conducted a baseline evaluation of the Limbs 4 Kids program and enquiry as to the health and wellbeing of parents / carers of children with limb difference.  This evaluation has been conducted with 42 participants and in 2016 participants will be provided with an opportunity to participate in interviews with the researchers.
  • Strategic Partnerships. Partnerships and relationships have been established with a range of Australian and international peak bodies, prosthetic providers, hospitals, medical and allied healthcare facilities and community organisations.
  • National Health and Wellbeing Advisory Committee (NHWAC). The NHWAC is comprised of an array of medical and allied health professionals (Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Rehabilitation Consultant, nurses, hospital executive, paediatric physiotherapist, prosthetist, social worker), parents of children with limb differences, adults born with a limb difference and amputees. This Committee has a particular responsibility to provide Limbs 4 Kids program oversight, review of program resources, identify gaps in information and servicing, and assist in building program linkages.
  • Stakeholder growth. Over the course of the year Limbs 4 Kids has seen an exponential growth in subscribers to our publications and resources. Since January the number of families subscribing has increased by 89% and the number of healthcare professionals by 28%.
  • Australian reach. Limbs 4 Kids has visited five states during the year; meeting with healthcare professionals, community organisations and families during these meetings.
  • Speech in the Australian House of Representatives. The Hon. Warren Entsch MP (Federal Member for Leichhardt) gave a 90 second speech about the Limbs 4 Kids program in June 2015, and referenced that his grand-daughter was born with a congenital arm limb difference.

“This is fantastic! It’s been put together so well. Well done Limbs 4 Kids” (Parent)

 “Thanks for getting in touch, and congratulations on the launch.  It sounds like an incredibly worthwhile program. Feel free to let me know if there are any activities occurring in my electorate of Wentworth.” (The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, MP, Prime Minister of Australia)

“Outstanding program!!!” (Sean Gray, CEO, New Zealand Artificial Limb Service)

“Fantastic news about Limbs 4 Kids – well done. I applaud all your hard work and commitment to helping us all. Thank you.” (Parent)

“Congratulations to all of you!  Limbs 4 Kids looks fantastic and will be a great resource for many. Very well done.” (Tim Matthews, Australian Paralympic Committee)

We would like to extend our gratitude to nib foundation for their funding of Limbs 4 Kids and their commitment to supporting children with limb differences and their families.

We would also like to thank every person, family, professional and community member that made the first year of Limbs 4 Kids such a success.  We look forward to working with you all and expanding the program even further in 2016.

Thrive magazine (Summer 2015 edition) now available

The Summer edition of Thrive magazine is now available.

In this edition you’ll meet eight-year old Knox, who lost his arm due to an accident when he was four, and Ben who was born in the 1970s and grew up as a below-knee amputee.  Other articles include information about the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia, the Limb Clinic Team at Sydney Children’s Hospital (Randwick), the Össur Mobility Clinic, award winning photographs of children with limb differences, the NDIS and an Australian study into fibula hemimelia.  Plus much more …

If you would like hard copy versions of the magazine just email kids@limbs4life.org.au or call 1300 782 231.

We hope you enjoy the read!

24th November 2015

Planning for education in 2016

Fact Sheet 9 CoverWith the 2016 school-year just around the corner, you may want to review content on the Limbs 4 Kids website and/or download related Fact Sheets. These pages provide general information about early childhood learning, primary schooling and secondary schooling; as well as information specifically related to the education needs of children with limb differences.  Some specific resources look at enrolment, preparing for school meetings, returning to school after a limb amputation and tips for assisting fellow students to understand limb difference.

For more information visit the ‘Education and Employment’ section on the Limbs 4 Kids website.  You may also want to download specific Fact Sheets (in the publications section of the Limbs4Kids website) that can then be shared with others, or get in touch with Limbs 4 Life to request for hard-copies to be mailed to you.