Christmas Parties for Special Children

Christmas Party LogoDuring November and December over 140 Limbs 4 Kids children, siblings and families attended Christmas Parties for Special Children in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. This was the first year of Limbs 4 Life being invited to take part and was a wonderful chance for families to enjoy a fun day out.

We are extremely grateful to the organisers, their sponsors and all the volunteers who made the parties so special, and we look forward to offering the chance to take part again in 2016.  Some great feedback from parents included:

“The children and us had a wonderful time … it was an enjoyable day and grateful we were able to experience it.”

“It was a fabulous day for our son. He kept saying it was the best party ever. He did so many different things and he just loved his present and the soft toy! He said he is a very lucky boy.”

“It was a great function – very lucky for the kids to be invited to this event!!”

“We couldn’t get the kids off the rides, it was a fantastic day.”