Education & Employment

The kindergarten, pre-school, primary school and secondary school periods are amongst the most important developmental times in a person’s life. It is during these schooling years that children and young people will move through considerable social, developmental and educational milestones. Over these years it is important that your child’s school, educators and peers positively understand your child’s limb difference and accommodate any needs he or she may have.

Experiencing ups and downs during the school years are a part of life for many children and young people; after all, children generally spend 12 years in education. Celebrating your child’s positive experiences during the school years is very important, but also is being aware of signs that your child might be having problems. School problems can show up as poor academic performance, diminished school motivation, lack of interest in homework and poor relationships with peers and/or teachers.  Identifying any school issues and addressing these early will greatly assist in your child getting ‘back on track’.

Preparing for your child’s transition from school and into further education, training or employment is also important and something that will be particularly explored during your child’s secondary schooling. Leaving school is a significant time in the life of any young person. It is a time of great change, of leaving behind the familiar environment of school, beginning life as an adult and exploring new challenges and opportunities. Some young people with a limb difference may require additional assistance if progressing to University, TAFE or the workplace.

This section of the Learning Centre explores the schooling and post-school years in detail, with a particular focus on ensuring that your child receives positive support throughout this important period of his or her life.

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