Your Child

Learning that your child has a congenital limb difference can come as quite a shock and lead to many questions and concerns either before or after the birth of your new baby.

Discovering that your child will have, or has had, a limb amputation can also be a very worrying time for you and your family. Depending on the circumstances of your child’s limb amputation the questions and concerns will not only relate to your child’s limb loss but also any other underlying issues that led to your child’s surgery.

Adjusting to a child’s limb difference necessarily means that parents and families will go through some time of adjustment, reflection and apprehensions. This is normal and many parents report that gathering information about limb difference from a variety of sources answers many of the questions they have. Your child’s medical and healthcare team are there to assist you and we also hope that this website is a useful resource for you and your family.

This section of the Learning Centre looks at a range of issues including how you might feel upon learning your child has a congenital limb difference, what happens after your baby is born, how you might feel and the assistance needed if your child has a limb amputation, details about the provision of prosthetic limbs and support available if you need it.

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