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Alex and his family’s story

Alex and Mark

The story of Alex, who was born with congenital lower limb differences which resulted in Syme's amputation of both feet, is featured in the CHILD magazine article 'Heartbreaking Decision to Amputate' (February 2016).

The interview with Alex’s mum Allison revealed what it felt like to learn about Alex’s limb difference during the pregnancy, his rapid adjustment after his amputations, and what a vivacious and sporty child Alex has become since his birth five years ago. The article also reveals what it is like to be a busy family with twin sons - Alex and Marco.

Alex's humorous side is also shown in the article, revealing that he will say "my legs ran away" or a "monster ate my feet" when discussing his limb difference with others.

This article will resonate strongly with the limb difference community.

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