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Kayla’s letter to children

Dear Friend,

I hear you are starting school next year and I am just like you. I too have a limb difference, but don’t be worried

because you are not the only one who has to go through this. Having a limb difference does not make you different to any other person it just means that you were born with a difference, but everyone has their own difference.

Just remember that children will ask about your limb difference, but don’t be scared or sad or unsure if they do. All you have to do is give them a simple answer which is not that hard. When I was in prep I used to say, “When I was little I was born a little bit different, but now the doctors fixed me up and now I can do anything” and then I would ask them if they wanted to play.

Don’t let your limb difference stop you from doing anything. Never say, “I am incapable of doing that because of my limb difference”, always have a go. Remember, who you are is not what you look like but it is the inside that matters.

There is nothing to worry about, school is great and you will have a fantastic time.

From your friend, Kayla

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